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Because animal law intersects with so many other “traditional” areas of law, there are a myriad of publishing opportunities in academic law journals. However, there are currently eight journals with an animal law focus:


  • Animal Law eJournal (Syracuse University College of Law)
  • Animal Law Review (Lewis and Clark Law School)
  • Global Journal of Animal Law (Åbo Akademi University Department of Law, Finland, available online)
  • Journal of Animal & Environmental Law (University of Louisville Brandeis School of Law)
  • Journal of Animal & Natural Resource Law (Michigan State University College of Law)
  • Mid-Atlantic Journal on Law & Public Policy (Maryland State Bar Association [MSBA] Animal Law Section and the annual MSBA Animal Law Symposium)
  • Journal of International Wildlife Law & Policy (Taylor and Francis)
  • Stanford Journal of Animal Law & Policy (Stanford Law School, available online)