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Tips for Keeping your Pet Warm

Tips for Keeping your Pet Warm


• Do not leave dogs or cats outdoors when the temperature drops. Regardless of the season, short-haired, very young or old dogs, and all cats should never be left outside without supervision. Pets are sensitive to severe cold and are at risk for frostbite and hypothermia when they are outdoors during extreme cold snaps. Exposed skin on noses, ears and paw pads can quickly freeze and suffer permanent damage.

• If for some reason your dog is outdoors much of the day, he or she should be protected by a dry, draft-free shelter that is large enough to allow the dog to sit and lie down comfortably but small enough to hold in his/her body heat. The floor should be raised a few inches off the ground and covered with cedar shavings or straw. The house should be turned to face away from the wind, and the doorway should be covered with waterproof burlap or heavy plastic.

• If you encounter a pet left in the cold, document the date, time, location and type of animal, plus as many details as possible about the situation. Video and photographic documentation will help bolster your case. Then contact your local animal control agency or county sheriff’s office and present your evidence. Respectfully follow up in a few days if the situation has not been remedied.

Source: Humane Society of the United States