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Lost Pets

Lost Pets

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Lost Pets

Common Law

Statutes governing impoundment of stray animals

Lost Property Statutes

The Common Law scheme in more detail

Creation of a bailment upon finding a lost pet

Ways an owner may recover damages should their lost pet be harmed

Legal options owners may use to recover their lost pets

Proving ownership of a lost pet

Wild Animals

Defenses under Common Law

Equitable Estoppel

Stealing Pets

Animal impoundment Statutes and Ordinances

The Holding Period

Timing and the Extent of Ownership Transfer

Disposing of lost pets following the Holding Period’s expiration


The shelter’s standard of care for lost pets

General Scheme

Specific issues

Issues that may arise between specific parties

Original Owner vs. Private Party

Original Owner vs. Animal Shelter

Unique legal aspect

Veterinarians’ rights and duties

The duties and rights between a finder and third parties