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Animal Cruelty Law (GA)


In this section you will find printable versions of both the Animal Cruelty Law (GA) and the Animal Cruelty Law (GA) Summary written by the founders of Animal Law Source.  Below the printable versions you will find drop down versions of these documents.  Please contact us if you have questions about this law.


Animal Cruelty Law (GA)


Animal Cruelty Law in Georgia (Printable)


Animal Cruelty Law



Animal Cruelty Law (GA) Summary


Animal Cruelty in Georgia Summary (Printable)


Cruelty to animals

What constitutes misdemeanor cruelty?

What are the penalties for a conviction?

What constitutes malice?

What makes cruelty aggravated (felony)?

What is NOT considered cruelty to animals?

What is the defense to killing or injuring an animal?

When is someone still guilty of cruelty to animals even when they reasonably believe it is necessary to defend against an imminent threat of injury or damage to person, other animal or property?

Does ownership of property or animal matter?

What animals are not covered by this statute?

Case Law