Animal Protection Act – Title 4 (GA)

Animal Protection Act – Title 4 (GA)


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Licenses for pet dealers and kennel, stable, or animal shelter operators; requirement; issuance; application

Display Of Licenses

Licensing Of Bird Dealers

Euthanasia of dogs and cats by animal shelters or facilities operated for collection of stray, neglected, abandoned, or unwanted animals

Microchip reader defined; contacting owner of microchipped pet

Applicability of article to nonresidents; consent to jurisdiction; service

Grounds for refusal to issue or renew or suspension or revocation of licenses

Denial, suspension, or revocation of license for violation of article; applicability of Georgia Administrative Procedure Act.


Quarantine of animal, premises, or any area by Commissioner

Inspections; impoundment of animals; exceptions

Caring for an impounded animal

Notification of owner; custody of animal

Failure to respond; right to hearing; care; crime exception

Disposal of impounded animal

Notice and reporting required for certain animal diseases

Unlawful acts by licensed persons

Shipment of animals into state without certificates of health

Cooperation with federal government

Animals raised, kept, or maintained for human consumption

Rules and regulations

Injunctions and restraining orders

Abandonment of domesticated animal


Filing a report regarding animal cruelty; immunity

Article cumulative; does not prohibit enactment and enforcement of local ordinances by municipal or county governing authority