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Responsible Dog Owner Act

Responsible Dog Owner Act

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OCGA § 4-8-1: Intent of chapter

OCGA 4-8-1.1: Dumping dead dog on property of another

OCGA § 4-8-2: Dumping dead dog on public property or public right-of-way

OCGA§ 4-8-3: Abandoning dogs

OCGA § 4-8-4: Liability for damage done by dogs

OCGA § 4-8-5: Performing cruel acts on, or harming, maiming or killing dogs

OCGA § 4-8-6: Permitting Female Dog in Heat to Roam Free

OCGA § 4-8-6.1: Removal of Dog Collar; Permission

OCGA § 4-8-7: Violations Relating to Dogs

OCGA § 4-8-20: Short Title

OCGA § 4-8-21: Definitions

OCGA § 4-8-22: Jurisdiction for Enforcement; Designation of Duties of Dog Control Officer; Agreements for Dog Control Services

OCGA § 4-8-23: Classification of vicious or dangerous dog; notice; hearing; judicial review

OCGA § 4-8-24: Impoundment; threat to public safety

OCGA § 4-8-25: Judge authorized to order euthanasia

OCGA § 4-8-26: Euthanasia for causing serious injury on more than one occasion

OCGA § 4-8-27: Issuance of certificate of registration

OCGA § 4-8-28: Duties and prohibitions for owner of a classified dog

OCGA § 4-8-29: Unlawful acts by owner of a dangerous or vicious dog; violations

OCGA § 4-8-30: Confiscation of dangerous or vicious dog; noncompliance with article

OCGA § 4-8-31: Sovereign Immunity

OCGA § 4-8-32: Violation a criminal penalty

OCGA § 4-8-33: Previously Classified