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Georgia Animal Protection Act

Georgia Animal Protection Act

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OCGA § 4-11-1: Short Title

OCGA § 4-11-2: Definitions

OCGA § 4-11-3: Issuances of Licenses

OCGA § 4-11-4: Display of License

OCGA § 4-11-5: Persons Holding Bird Dealers’ Licenses

OCGA § 4-11-5.1: Substances and Procedures for Euthanasia of Dogs and Cats by Animal Shelters

OCGA § 4-11-5.2: Microchip Identification for License

OCGA § 4-11-6: Nonresident Applicants for License

OCGA § 4-11-7: Grounds for Denial, Suspension, or Revocation of Licenses

OCGA § 4-11-8: Procedure for denial, suspension or revocation of licenses

OCGA § 4-11-9: Inspections

OCGA § 4-11-9.1: Quarantine of animals or areas; stop sale, stop use, or stop removal orders

OCGA § 4-11-9.2: Inspection warrants; impounding of animals

OCGA § 4-11-9.3: Duty to make arrangements for care of impounded animal; lien for cost of care; return of animal to owner

OCGA § 4-11-9.4: Notification to owner of impoundment of animal

OCGA § 4-11-9.5: Hearing on impoundment of animal

OCGA § 4-11-9.6: Disposal of impounded animal

OCGA § 4-11-9.7: Reporting of certain animal diseases and syndromes

OCGA § 4-11-10: Unlawful Acts

OCGA § 4-11-11: Animals shipped into state to be accompanied by health certificates

OCGA § 4-11-12: Cooperation with United States Secretary of Agriculture

OCGA § 4-11-13: Article not applicable to persons raising animals for human consumption

OCGA § 4-11-14: Rules and Regulations

OCGA § 4-11-15: Injunctions and restraining orders

OCGA § 4-11-15.1: Unlawful to abandon domestic animal

OCGA § 4-11-16: Penalties for violation

OCGA § 4-11-17: Reports of animal cruelty or dog fighting by veterinarians or veterinary technicians; immunity from civil or criminal liability

OCGA § 4-11-18: Local Ordinances